Friday, October 16, 2015


Hey, there!
So, how are you enjoying this fall weather? I am staying busy with sitting two of my neighbor's animals! This is the first month ever, that every single weekend is full for me! And I love it!
The first weekend of this month, found me and my family in Glen Rose, Tx singing, (which is a few hours away from home) the second weekend, I was busy sitting some animals down the street, then this weekend the same thing except for a different neighbor, and next weekend, I'll be doing the same animals for the same neighbor! The last weekend is my favorite one! Our family will be hosting a four-day Shindig!!!! I so can't wait! A week after that my sister will be having her second wedding! (She's already married)

God has blessed me oh, so much! It has been an exiting journey to witness the love story of my sister unfold and bloom so beautifully. How she's become a wife and lover of one man. The way she's held her heart for this very man. Every part of their story is so beautiful and you can truly see God shining brightly through them both! I really can't wait to see all what God has planned for them both! They are planning to go to Africa as missionaries which is so exiting and thrilling all in it's self!
God is so good to me all the time! This weather is soo beautiful! He has blessed me with dear friends, a loving family, awesome brother in-laws, handsome brothers, jobs, a house to live in! Everywhere I look, a blessing I behold!
The roses even came out to bid me a good morning as well as the clear blue sky and bright shining sun! These are also part of the blessings I get to cherish. :)

The wispy clouds of fall and winter are already here!

The cat's are so cool to capture! (Although they move A LOT!! :))

Although fall is here, the flowers don't seem to mind !
Hot tea. Ahhhh. My favorite part of cold weather!

My God is awesome! I love how He shows off His beauty!
I LOVE fall! I wonder what life would be like if God didn't create seasons? It would probably be really boring!!! But since that is not the case, I will thank Him for His goodness to us in making the seasons! Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow!!
Until next time, May God Bless you as He has me,
His forever Girl and Servant,
Abigail J.


  1. I love the Autumn months!! So enjoying the changing of seasons here. The kittens are beautiful and look so much like Ty-Ty and Panda! Love and miss you!

    1. I'm glad you are enjoying it up there! I bet fall is much prettier than Texas! Both of those kittens are from Lizzy Jane: Black Foot and Laurance James. We called the last one Laurance James because he looks like a carbon copy of his Mom. :) Only two whole weeks to go!!.....:-0 :-)

    2. That reminds me, will you sent some of those purple Texas flowers to try starting here again. Any will do. Loved the ones that were sort of like tall petunias that we had for a few years from you. I do not know why they did not come back this year.