Monday, March 28, 2016

Ain't my God, an AMAZING GOD!

Well hello there!
How are y'all? I've been doing great. I know it's been a while since I last posted and I'm sorry for that. But life gets the better of me, which I am so thankful for, because if it didn't than I would be blogging ALL the time and would not enjoy this beautiful life which God has given me. I am here now, so here's the long awaited blog post that I know a few, if not all of you have been waiting for, for awhile. :)
Happy Jesus is Risen day! I hope you all had a wonderful, bright, happy, fun-filled day and Jesus was glorified! I am happy to say that we did! We went to the San Antonio area and sang at a church there. We've been there several times, even before Melody and Faith moved out and away and got married!  The pastor and his wife have become our adopted 'Uncle' and  'Aunt' and we always have so much fun every time we go down there. :) Well, after a very convicting and though-provoking sermon by the guest preacher, we all went to lunch at "Denny's". Our waiter was THE best waiter in the history of waiting! He was just the best. Well, I was drinking a coke. And we were all, still in our Easter outfits. Our waiter was about to set my milk shake down, while I was trying to get out of the way for him. I slid my arm over my coke which had a straw in it, and dump! I now sat with a lap full of Dr. Pepper which was once in my cup, but was now on my Easter outfit! It just makes me smile and laugh at myself just thinking about it! Ha ha. (wait a minute while I snigger at myself and turn red) Okay. So, our waiter went to get towels and such to clean it up, while I tried to clean up myself. Thankfully, the dress I was wearing, was made of materiel that did not soak up liquid but slide off of it. When he came back with a mop, I began to tell him about our 'annual spills' at each meal. Ever since I can remember, in our family at every meal, we had our annual spill. Daddy has always hated them and got upset whenever it happened. It's been a very long time since one has happened and so, well, yesterday was the day. :) God just has a sense of humor. I love it. After my story, he told us a story about when he was working for a movie theater and accidentally dumped a huge huge cup of coke on a girl who was all dressed up on a date with her guy. He said she was soaked from the head down. After laughing over how stupid we are, this opened up for us to give our card to him.  He said he was also a musician and he did christian rap. We finally coaxed him to do some for us. I can't tell you how awesome it was! Each sentence rhymed, attached with so much meaning.  With each word that fell from his mouth, went conviction and thoughts, to go straight to the hearers heart. Some, lasting longer than others, some just  a sort few seconds but with equal meaning. It was such a privilege to witness the work of God in a fellow believer and brother in Christ! He was a disciple of Christ just like us! With the same struggles and temptations. He told us about the verse which talks about the righteous crossing paths and encouraging one another. He said that he knew that this was one of those times. We also agreed with him. It was so true. He was such an encouragement and blessing to us all and especially to me. I have to say I was greatly humbled. To imagine that God had it all planned out centuries ago, is just so crazy! I must sign off now, His Forever Girl, Abigail J.
L to R: John, Me, Josh, our waiter (can't remember his name.), James, Mom and Dad.

Before it all happened. Josh and I. :)