Sunday, August 14, 2016

A Beautiful Gift From God.

Hey my friends!
Right now, I sit in my new room. I moved! Now, don't be thinkin' I moved out. If I did, that would be the worst decision I would ever make at my age....No. Since that is not so, let's not think upon it, yes? Yes. Well, I moved downstairs to our guest room, which now, is my bedroom. I've been here, for not even a month yet....that is, until the 16th of this month. :) We finished the building part of it on the 16th, but it took me until the 20th to figure out exactly how I wanted it. So my room wasn't 'officially' finished until the 20th. That day, I put up a canopy above my bed. I was so excited to get to sleep in my bed that night, in my perfect 'vintage' room. :) Well plans changed when my sisters water broke. She was going into labor! Excitedly, we packed up and started our usual 20 hour trip to Virginia. Mother and I had planed on going the following Sunday, (2 days away) but since she went into labor we naturally changed plans. :-) Now, we would be driving through the night, all the way through, so we brought my brother, James, along for protection. It was fun, to say the least. The next morning, we picked our other sister, Melody, up in Tn. From there we kept on our way and got to our destination that evening about 4:00pm. We actually got there in record time! 18 hours instead of 20! We were all glad to have finally gotten there, and Melody and I had a superb time as well as with James and Mama :)We stayed up that night, until 3 or 4am. We got to visit with a family who rents from the same couple that our brother in-law and sister rent from, as well. The family retired, and so we just sat around and waited for some word from the midwives and such.We were all so tired from the trip that day, so we were so so grumpy. We were not in good shapes, to say the least. That labor was probably the longest and hardest I have ever been at up until now.
On our way to Virginia!
Finally after 29 hours of intense labor, a long road trip, much prayer and sleepy eyes, my adorable, attentive little niece, Jael, was born on Sunday, the morning of the 24th of July, at 12:13 am, 2016. <3 She is the sweetest little doll ever and so so smart! I feel as though she's already 2 years old! :'-/  :-o
Well 2 days after she was born, Melody ad to be back at work Tn, so James went with her for protection. He's such a wonderful brother, who cares so much about his women folk. :)  My Mother and I were blessed to be able to stay with my sister, brother in-law and niece, for a whole week. It was very educational on my part and I learned a lot. I feel extremely blessed for that opportunity of learning. I enjoyed holding my dear little niece and taking care of her and her mother too. I miss her so much but shall see her soon! :) And besides, she has 6 aunts and 3 uncles to take care of her and dote over her! :) I can be sure she is getting a good amount of cuddly love and attention from her aunts and uncles. :)
 The following weekend, my Dad, and brothers, John and Josh picked up Melody and James (unknown to me) and came up to Virginia. (I knew that Dad, John, James and Josh were coming but not Melody.) We had a very happy reunion-almost. We just missed two older kids.
While we were up there, we were able to fit in my senior photo shoot with my brother in-law's sister, Olivia. She is fantastic with a camera and she's the cutest and sweetest little thing with a heart of gold. <3 We had a wonderful time visiting with all the rest of her family and we ended up having a blast!
I plan on graduating in a few short months, so here's a few shots from the shoot.
And here's her adorable face!
Sneek peek of the photo shoot. Isn't She AMAZING?!

Olivia doing her thing. :)                                                                               
Mommy and I, in the hills of beautiful Virginia.
Mama and baby, safe and sound!

It was wonderful trip and I hope this isn't the last. I am incredibly blessed and for what? Because of God's grace. May God forever bless this little family. God be praised for ever and ever. 
His Little Girl,
Abigail Jane

P.S. I will write again soon as this post cannot fit all of what I want to share. Look out for another post containing more pictures! I'll leave you with a little snippet of one of my future post,
Sneek peek of my near future post! 

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