Monday, January 2, 2017

Have I Had Blindfolds On, My Whole Life?

Are we as Christians blinded by the world around us??? What is it that is blinding us??

How is it, that I lived a life of simplicity and confusion at the same time? That I was Saved by God's precious blood, yet I didn't have that continual flame burning in my soul for Him? I often thought I wasn't saved and I just didn't know why I wasn't on fire for Him. I knew that once you're saved you are saved but you can slide and drift and eventually become a false convert. But what was I? Was I really saved or was I a FALSE convert????
I remember thinking about all this and I did ask these questions. Who was I really as a "Christian"? 
Something has changed. And it is a change that will last all of eternity. It's like a new conversion but it's not. It's a spark to coals that already existed. I am on fire now! 
Every day, I did my chores not quite with a good attitude, but not necessarily with a bad one either.
I was not a nice person to be around when at home or when I was mad. I went through life without hope, without happiness or joy. I was a sorry sight, yet I was a Christian??? Yes, supposedly. But I regret that now and I am changed and different.  "What changed?" you might ask. I changed. I took the authority that already was there at my disposal, that God gave every single one of us(!),  and I took my life by the horns and told myself I was a new creature, because I am! I am new! I am not the old man who did sin! That old man died with Christ and a new man was risen with Christ! I have come to know God like I never have before. Just in 1 day. Yes you read that correct, 1 day. It was like God just did a... um.. let's say, a miracle. It was God intervening and waking me up, personally. I learned so much in 1 day. Romans 7 is hard to understand but when you do understand it, it's like waking up out of a really deep sleep and knowing things you've never known before!  It's Amazing.  
Do we read the bible without truly understanding God's words???
Now, I am so excited! I want to help others and I truly love my siblings and parents and I am not afraid to show it! The devil has lied to us time and time again, that it is wrong to show outwardly love to our family! It is not people! It does not have to be that way and it IS NOT that way! Before, there was a barrier between me and showing outwardly love toward my family. That barrier, was lies upon lies, the devil, demons, distractions, questioning, internet, phones, being a drifter, etc..... Everything is so clear now! I can use a phone without worrying that I'll spend too much time on it, I can view things clearly that I couldn't before, I have a bigger outlook on life now. I'm not any, I can think straight, I can live like I don't need anything. I HAVE changed. And I know God loves His children learning more about Him. That's who we are! And in all my learnings from yesterday, I have learned that God gave every one of us (as afore mentioned) authority. We have powers to cast out devils, to heal, to move mountains! And none of us realize it. I challenge you all in this new year to search out God for yourself. Search every inch of the bible for straits of Him. Search for Him and become His best friend. Know Him far more than you ever have in your life! There is always something you can learn about Him. And it's the most exciting, most amazing experience you will ever go through. I challenge you to read your bible more than ever! Search Him. Know everything you can about Heaven, Angels, Jesus, Sin, God, EVERYTHING in the bible!
So, I would like to thank GOD ultimately for Life, for my breath, for saving my wretched soul, for letting me live so I can share His Mercy and grace with others. (ultimately with the whole world!) For intervening and changing me. For bringing the people he has into my life.
And I'd like to thank my parents for teaching me and steering me the way they have and for being the boundaries there for me. And lastly, I would like to thank Moses Shrock for challenging our whole family with Romans 7. Thank you. And for the rest of the men that were present who helped me understand more of God and His Majesty. 

His Forever Vessel,
Abigail J. L. G.

"Oh Mighty God!
Whose love forever flows,
Who paid a debt you did not owe,
My ransome you did pay,
With your blood on that dreadful day,
Your greatness exceeds my little understanding. 
I'm too small to know your reasonings. 
But your vast AMAZING creations,
Continue to amaze me, 
Every Single Day. 
Every second of this life, 
I now live for You. And You Alone."
~Written by: Abigail on January, 2, 2017

Things that have helped me: 
Reading through Romans 7 slowly. 
The Book of Revelations
Reading every thing I can of God in the Bible
Reading the bible


  1. Wow. This is so powerful, my sister! Thank you for sharing.

    1. I'm so so glad that you were blessed by it! But truly it's not me but God and Jesus that you really see shining through. I am just the vessel and He is the Everlasting True Word.

  2. His mercy is new every morning. HE is faithful, whether or not we believe it! Hallelujah!