Friday, April 13, 2018

It's been a While.....

Hello all!
Well, I want to apologize for not writing sooner! It has been a VVVVEEERRRRYYYY long while since I wrote and I am deeply sorry!
I want to take this moment and thank each one of you out there, who take the time to read my random rambles and who want me to keep writing. I don't know why anyone would want to hear about me and the messy, complicated, sweet life God has so blessed me with, but if it brings HIM Glory, than I will keep writing. If I can accomplish this, than I will be so grateful and happy!

So, here is an update on my current life:
First, I moved to TN for about 5 months, unplanned. The Bulk Herb Store needed some help (not for 5 months...haha) for their Black Friday Sale. I was to come back home for Christmas and stay but they wanted me to come back and stay for 6 months (on top of the 2 months I was there) but I only agreed to January. From there, I gave them 3 months (on top of January). So, thus my time there ended at the end of March.
It was a sweet and memorable 5 months and I am grateful to God for His goodness in letting me go (and for so long). I am so so thankul! In my time there, I met so many wonderul people, got to know some people more, learned different jobs, added 2 states to my "States-I've-Visited List" and sharpened my skill of driving, in the proccess. And stoppped at nearly every sinlge coffee shop!! I didn't know there were SO many coffee shops!!

Secondly, I am SO close to buying a camera!!! (I just need to pay off all of my bills....) And I am still looking for one. It takes a while to look for a good one (not "THE PERFECT" one, but a good one. I don't believe there's a perfect camera out there. There are so many cameras in the world and there's so many that are the same!:)) with exactly what you need and want. And I am so thankful and grateful to God for not giving me the money sooner or letting me buy a camera sooner. If I had bought one a long time ago who knows where it would be now! And this ties into another thing I have been busy with recently-Minimalism. If you have not heard about it before, I encourage you to go look it up for yourself and learn about it! I have known about it for about a year, but actually putting it into practice? About a couple months. I've had so much clutter in my life from the time I was really little, all through high school, up to graduation (and thereafter), that I could not have dealt with owning a camera, correctly. I have been learning that physical clutter comes with a load of figurative, mind clutter. I watched videos on minimalism and they said the same thing, but at the time, I didn't believe them. I still had so much clutter in my life that, I didn't see it. When you take away the clutter in your life, it is easier to see the invisible clutter that's in your brain. So minimalism is so freeing to me and it also puts things into perspective as far as spiritual things. God said:  "Love not the world, neither the things in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father,but is of the world. And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever." 1st John 2:15-17  I was convicted of these verses a long while ago, and I've been meaning to write a blog post on it but have never got around to it. So minimalism to me reflects these 3 verses. Minimalism makes living for Christ easier, while making you think about the big picture. It allows you to think better, live better and live a more meaningful life for HIM! I am just so thankful that God brought this into my life!

Thirdly, I am STILL figuring out this adulthood thing and all the bills that come with it! But I know God is with me EVERY step of the way and will carry me through! I don't even know what I would do without HIM!! <3
After coming back from TN, I have yet to find a suitable job. But my family and I have been brainstorming and plus the band pays a little.

And also my brother James, joined the Army! I am so proud of him and continue to pray for him. He said he's already talked to some of the guys about language and God. I just love and miss him so much! But am SO so proud of him! We are going to see him the end of this month, which I am so excited for!

And here's a throwback to when Faith wasn't married yet (just engaged haha) and when John hadn't bought all of his many cars, Josh hadn't grown up, James hadn't joined the Army and I hadn't gone to TN yet. We were such babies....Now we are all blessed with SO many things!!

And here's a few things that make me happy right now:
Reading the bible and spending time with my Creator, (!)
Our kittens,
Getting rid of stuff,(!)
Reading a good book,
The weather,(!)
My newly minimized room,
1940's music played on my record player,
Getting healthy and,
Watching a good 1940's movie!

And I think that's about it for now.
I hope you have enjoyed this little look into my life and it, in some way, has blessed you. I am just a girl, a daughter of the KING with so much unorganized in my life but SAVED by the PrecIoUS BLOOD OF CHRIST.
Many many blessings to you all and may God shower you with His goodness and mercy!
I look forward to talking with ya'll again soon!

Blessings to you until next time,
God's Little Girl,
Abigail Jane

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Welcome to ADULTHOOD

Hello from this vague, forgetful and busy girl....or should I say ADULT. I know, it's been 8 months since I turned 18 (or became an adult) but the life of adulthood has hit me square in the face.  It has just now hit me.After 8 months, yes.
Every day, it seems, I find myself confused and most of the time ignorant of the things I should do first. I feel like I live inside one of those abstract sketches-the ones that look more like a mess of scribbles than anything else.
I don't want to complain, and that's not the point of this post. I have just come to the knowledge that whoever said adulthood was hard, was RIGHT. They were SO right. It is times.
It seems I'm not going anywhere with my life, yet, at the same time it does. Exiting things are happening yet at the same time, it feels like the daily grind just drags on.
I recently joined Plexus Worldwide, a health and wellness company and I love their products and I love taking them. I love everything about it and I truly believe in the products, the company and how God has played a big part in inspiring the creators of the products. But with every good, amazing thing there is-including Christianity-you can get really overwhelmed and confused with so much you have to do. I don't think I realized just what I was getting into. I am finding out things about life that I didn't know before. And yes, life has to do with EVERYTHING! It is IN everything! Everything on this planet, is connected to each other. So, your health, your happiness, your personal growth, the way you interact with family, friends and strangers, exercising, growing in the LORD, the way your room is organized, how much stuff you have, IT IS ALL CONNECTED!!!!!
 And I am finding this out right now. It makes sense but it is confusing too. 
But in the middle of this whirlwind that I live in, God looks down at my little mess and shows me how big I am blessed. And I thank Him everyday for the many blessings He blesses me with.

Like the leaves on the trees around me and the sunshine I live by everyday........

The roses, and how beautiful He makes them......

The beautiful earth I live in, the blades of grass He makes so uniquely perfect....

All of the flowers of the field, and the beauty the possess.....

Each one different yet beautiful in it's own little way.....

Each one bringing a unique smell, look, color and texture. My God IS Amazing. <3 <3
So, in conclusion: my life may be in scribbles, it may be strange and difficult, it may be dull, (believe me it is not always dull!), it may not be to MY liking, but does HE care what I think about His plan for my life??? Absolutely not!!
God has a beautiful plan for my life, your life and every single human being's life on this earth. Isn't that amazing!? 
He planned each persons life before they even were born. Can you even grasp that? 
So,I am blessed even though I may not feel like it. I am deeply loved, even though I don't I have someone to always caress me. I am a Daughter of the King and He loves me far more than any man could. 
In these times of difficulties, He is there by our side helping us along the way, showing us things we never would have known before and teaching us to work through these times we may think are too hard to push through.
<3------------HIS GRACE IS SUFFICIENT FOR ME------------<3

"I'm running to the One who knows me,
Who made every part of me in His hands.
 I'm holding to the One who holds me
'Cause I know whose I am, I know who I am.

I am strong, beautiful
I am good enough
I belong, after all
'Cause of what YOU'VE done
This is real, what I feel
No one made it up, I am loved."

~ "Who I Am" by Blanca

God's beloved daughter,
---Abigail Grubb---

Sunday, May 7, 2017

They Are Fighting For Your SOUL

Hello, all.
Today I do not have a happy subject to share with you all, but a sobering one. Nonetheless, a very important one too.
Today I have experienced arguing, bitterness, hurtful words and angry resentments like never before. And I DO KNOW that the devil is to blame for it. 
Today is Sunday, the devils favorite day to work on. Sunday is a day of rest, but not only that. It involves church and glorifying God, thanking Him and praising His Holy Name. Today we went to our local church and the sermon was amazing. It was about OUR WORDS. He was pointing out how our words can bring things to pass. How God SPOKE EVERYTHING into existence. How Jesus used his WORDS, and rebuked storms and healed the sick, by just SAYING a command. Our words are so important. So important, that Life and Death are in the power of the tongue. And as I sat there in the pew, I planned on being kind and sweet, saying nice things and being positive with every word I said to my siblings and parents today and from now on. In that moment, it seemed very easy to plan to do those things. The thought of doing it, is way easier than actually DOING it. But when it comes to doing it, that is where the rubber meets the road. That is the moment the devil comes in to destroy and put things in your head as well as other peoples heads. 

It seems whenever something good happens, right after that, something horrible happens as well.
After the beautiful morning, after the perfect sermon, after an amazing start to a lovely day, the devil got to work real fast. about 2 hours had passed since we arrived back at our house, and I felt my heart racing, as I listened to the argument that just began. My breath getting heavier as it grew. My attitude getting worse by the minute. We all felt this.  It always begins like this. Even though one is not apart of an argument, doesn't mean they don't feel those same feelings.  And in that moment, I found myself asking God, "Why? It seems like hell on earth! Why do you let things like this happen?" My heart broke as it cried out to God. 

Now, being a disciple of Christ does not mean it's going to be a bed of roses. On the contrary. We all think life is supposed to be just perfect and everyone is so nice and life is just fun! Well, today I found out life is NOT. It's not fun when you get down to the nitty and gritty. When your stuck with your family. Don't get me wrong, I would rather be here than anywhere else in the world and I am so thankful for all that my parents have sacrificed and worked for to keep a roof over my head. God has given each one of us the perfect family that fits perfectly with who and what we are and what we are going to be. But this life is not perfect nor is our family but our family its perfect for us. Work is not fun and life involves a whole bunch of work. Being a christian involves work. Being in a family involves work. Even harder work sometimes. 

I know our family is not the only one with hard days like these. I know I am not alone in feeling defeated if only for a time. And I also know that God IS in CONTROL over and of EVERYTHING and EVERY BEING. And I am so thankful for that! 

I know lately I've been opening up more on this blog and I am NOT sorry for it, because whatever I write on here, God has laid on my heart. Today I really felt pressed upon to write this. 

My message to you all is this: Spiritual warfare is REAL. GOD and the devil are at war along with the angels and demons. They are fighting for your SOUL. They are fighting for your actions and whatever comes out of your mouth, they will act upon. The angels and demons will put things into other peoples mind just because you said something. Your words are dangerous. Either way. Whether it be for Good or Evil. They carry with them, kindness or hatred. And it's your choice what your words will carry with them.
I  not only speaking to you but to myself.  I am NOT perfect, my parents are NOT perfect but God IS and He can work through you and me.

I would much appreciate it, if you, dear reader, would pray for my family and I. Prayer is as important as our words and is very essential in this life. I beg of you to keep us in your prayers as I will do the same.
I pray this blog post has in some small way enlightened or even informed you of maybe just a few things. 
May God be glorified in EVERY ACTION and EVERY WORD that we SPEAK. 
May GOD bless you,
His Forever Girl,
Abigail G.

  • Psalms 34:13-"Keep thy tongue from evil, and thy lips from speaking guile."
  • Proverbs 18:21 -"Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof."
  • Psalms 12:3 "The Lord shall cut off all flattering lips, and the tongue that speaketh proud things:" 
  • Psalms 12:4 "Who have said, With our tongue will we prevail; our lips are our own: who is lord over us?"    

Saturday, April 29, 2017

One Lovely Blog Award And My Nominations.

Hello all!
I know this is the most I have ever blogged, in like......forever??? I know, two blog posts right after each other? It's unheard of, I know, but I totally misunderstood what the "One Lovely Blog Award" meant. I didn't realize I was supposed to spread the love! Oh, me oh my, I'm a mess I know! Anyway....

I was pleasantly surprised and so happy when I read my lovely and sweet friend, Grace's blogpost a few weeks back! Her and I are practically best friends and she is a darling. ;-) She is just a blessing in my life! Thank you, Grace for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award! You are just too sweet, my friend and so very beautiful! <3 <3

Here are the rules:
-Thank the person who nominated you and leave a link to their blog
-Post about the award
-Share seven facts about yourself
-Nominate at most 15 people
-Let your nominees know that they’ve been nominated

Seven facts about me…
1. I’m second to the last of 8 children, which makes me #7.  I had to learn to grow up a lot after the "older" ones moved out, which has really molded me into what I am today. And I am so happy how God has planned everything out so perfectly. :)
2. I'm a DREAMER. A real dreamer. I have so many dreams you wouldn't be able to count all of them! Also, I used to be a introvert and then I changed to a extrovert and now I'm kinda in the middle of the two, stuck with a bunch of dreams. :)
3. I love vintage stuff, vintage fashion, sewing, music, history, traveling, art, painting, missions, reading, 1940's music, listening to old records, babies, homemaking, farming, creating things-writing, blogging, graphics-anything, and visiting with and meeting new people. I also, love to listen to older folks tell stories of their life in the old days. (Can you see the dreamer in me yet?)
4.  I enjoy electronics. As in photography, videography, filmography and editing, but that's about it. 
5. I enjoy rainy days with a cup of tea or coffee but I also enjoy bright, sunny, spring, green  and bloomy days enjoyed with a cup of iced unsweet tea or coffee. :) 
6. I am a hoarder. Of everything vintage and artful. And I am working on that real hard.... :/
7. Most of ALL, I love JESUS with ALL of my heart, mind and soul. He is my EVERYTHING and my Ultimate Love. I love His creations and I love Him so much, I would die for Him. 

My nominations are: (You gals have the most cute and darling blogs!)

Well I just want to say I am encouraged and blessed by each of you girl's blogs. Ya'll are a blessing to me! May God Bless each and every one of you!
And if you have a blog, dear reader, please share it with me below. I would love to visit it and share it with others
God's Blessing on you all,
~His Girl,
Abigail J. L. G.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

One Full Happy Day. :)

Hello my dear readers!
How are you all? I am doing great. :)
I am now legalized! 
After 3 tests and a lot of waiting and finally GIVING EVERYTHING including this small thing to GOD, I am now a licensed driver. Not because of me, but God. You may think it is strange of me to give this 'tiny' normal thing to GOD, it isn't strange, it's called being dedicated to GOD. Jesus is my all so why shouldn't I give Him my all?? God is my best friend, my help, my shield, my love. He is my everything, so why shouldn't I give Him my Everything?? He has taught me a lot, just through these tests. It was hard, yes, but when I gave it to God and asked Him to take over it was easier. I am so grateful and thankful that I have JESUS by my side ALWAYS AND FOREVER. I would be lost without HIM. "Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD. Praise ye the LORD." Psalm 150:6,  I haven't driven a lot these past 2 days but I really don't mind it. :) But I am so excited! All I have left to do is to figure out the insurance and all that adulting stuff, than I can truly drive legally. :)
 I can't tell you how happy I am to have those tests over and done with.....Ah. I feel so confident now! They actually let me pass!!! I failed twice but the third times a charm, right??

Right after I got my license! You might not think I look that happy here but, believe me, I was VERY happy!!
 After my test we went to Panera Bread-a restaurant/bakery. Mom let me drive all over town and on the way home. (!) After we went there, I asked her if we go to Jo-Ann's, so she said yes and we went and I looked (more like drooled) over ALL the wonderful fabrics and patterns. It was so amazing. I am determined to think that Jo-Ann's was accidentally named that, instead of Abigail's Fabric Store. :-) ;-D For one, it describes me and my personality perfectly. I mean, it has painting supplies, cake decorating supplies, fabrics, patterns, buttons, gardening stuff, the list goes on!!
Vintage Patterns. My favorite!! <3
 I actually got these 3 for $5.00 and saved $56.00! As you can see, I was very happy!
Recently I've been into the 1930's fashions and when I found this one (in the middle) I was super happy! I can't wait to start it!
If any of you didn't know already, I have a sewing blog which you can view here, if you like. :) I'll post on there soon, don't worry. :)
Well gotta go!
I hope all of you are doing well and are enjoying this Spring weather!
His Girl,

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Learning and Growing

Hello all!
So, I have been interning at Bulk Herb Store for the past two weeks and this will be my last week here, making it a total of 3 weeks in all. :)
I have had a wonderful time here with my sister, and I've come to really love my job here, the people I get to work with and the beautiful land I've come to adore, despite how bitter cold it can get in January. ;) I still like Tennessee, but I think I'll stick with Texas for the time being. :) :D
So, anyway. :-)
If any of you were wondering what I do here, I am the photographer, since they don't have one. Here is just a glimpse into what my job consist of:
First, I setup all the props, pretty bowls, herbs etc.. and then have a mini photo session with each herb, then I come in out of the sometimes freezing, always beautiful and lovely crisp air. Then I might whip up myself a bullet-proof coffee latte drink (or tea:))and thus begins the very long task of downloading the photos from the camera and into Lightroom (which has become my very fun and amazing best friend! And foe at times....). :) Some days, I will just edit photos from the previous day and just edit all day long, but most of the days, I do half and half: Picture taking and editing.
I've learned so much over the coarse of 3 weeks here.
When Lightroom gave me some trouble I would go search about on the internet and learn all I could about how to fix that certain problem. I spent the whole first half of the day trying to figure out what happened to it and then I updated the 2013-2014 version for the new 2015 version. That fixed it and I learned so much as I searched the internet and I was at my whits end when sweet Lauren suggested to the update. I've enjoyed learning all I have. And I feel I've come so far since first, I came.As I look back on those first days here, it's as if I knew nothing then! 
I found that I knew stuff that I didn't know, I knew! (Did you get that sentence?!)
This trip has been very educational in a very good way. 


I am always amazed and in unbelief that I am here. I CAN'T believe that I'm actually doing what I love doing. And doing it for JESUS! I can't even believe how Blessed I am. That I have a God that loves me dearly, SO MUCH that HE GAVE HIS ONLY SON FOR MY SALVATION, and to BLESS me so much with an AMAZING FAMILY!!! Oh, it's a priceless life when you live with and for JESUS CHRIST.
I really live in dream with the Prince who made the skies blue and the GOD who CREATED the fluffy white things that don't fall out of the canvas, we call sky!!

Words cannot even describe the certain LOVE I possess for my LORD.

Moments are fleeting but people are everlasting. Spend those fleeting moments with your loved ones so you won't regret but joyfully remember.
Live life and have fun!

"Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God." -1 John 4:7
"Beloved if God so loved us, we ought also to love one another." -1 John 4:11

~His Girl, Abigail

Monday, January 2, 2017

Have I Had Blindfolds On, My Whole Life?

Are we as Christians blinded by the world around us??? What is it that is blinding us??

How is it, that I lived a life of simplicity and confusion at the same time? That I was Saved by God's precious blood, yet I didn't have that continual flame burning in my soul for Him? I often thought I wasn't saved and I just didn't know why I wasn't on fire for Him. I knew that once you're saved you are saved but you can slide and drift and eventually become a false convert. But what was I? Was I really saved or was I a FALSE convert????
I remember thinking about all this and I did ask these questions. Who was I really as a "Christian"? 
Something has changed. And it is a change that will last all of eternity. It's like a new conversion but it's not. It's a spark to coals that already existed. I am on fire now! 
Every day, I did my chores not quite with a good attitude, but not necessarily with a bad one either.
I was not a nice person to be around when at home or when I was mad. I went through life without hope, without happiness or joy. I was a sorry sight, yet I was a Christian??? Yes, supposedly. But I regret that now and I am changed and different.  "What changed?" you might ask. I changed. I took the authority that already was there at my disposal, that God gave every single one of us(!),  and I took my life by the horns and told myself I was a new creature, because I am! I am new! I am not the old man who did sin! That old man died with Christ and a new man was risen with Christ! I have come to know God like I never have before. Just in 1 day. Yes you read that correct, 1 day. It was like God just did a... um.. let's say, a miracle. It was God intervening and waking me up, personally. I learned so much in 1 day. Romans 7 is hard to understand but when you do understand it, it's like waking up out of a really deep sleep and knowing things you've never known before!  It's Amazing.  
Do we read the bible without truly understanding God's words???
Now, I am so excited! I want to help others and I truly love my siblings and parents and I am not afraid to show it! The devil has lied to us time and time again, that it is wrong to show outwardly love to our family! It is not people! It does not have to be that way and it IS NOT that way! Before, there was a barrier between me and showing outwardly love toward my family. That barrier, was lies upon lies, the devil, demons, distractions, questioning, internet, phones, being a drifter, etc..... Everything is so clear now! I can use a phone without worrying that I'll spend too much time on it, I can view things clearly that I couldn't before, I have a bigger outlook on life now. I'm not any, I can think straight, I can live like I don't need anything. I HAVE changed. And I know God loves His children learning more about Him. That's who we are! And in all my learnings from yesterday, I have learned that God gave every one of us (as afore mentioned) authority. We have powers to cast out devils, to heal, to move mountains! And none of us realize it. I challenge you all in this new year to search out God for yourself. Search every inch of the bible for straits of Him. Search for Him and become His best friend. Know Him far more than you ever have in your life! There is always something you can learn about Him. And it's the most exciting, most amazing experience you will ever go through. I challenge you to read your bible more than ever! Search Him. Know everything you can about Heaven, Angels, Jesus, Sin, God, EVERYTHING in the bible!
So, I would like to thank GOD ultimately for Life, for my breath, for saving my wretched soul, for letting me live so I can share His Mercy and grace with others. (ultimately with the whole world!) For intervening and changing me. For bringing the people he has into my life.
And I'd like to thank my parents for teaching me and steering me the way they have and for being the boundaries there for me. And lastly, I would like to thank Moses Shrock for challenging our whole family with Romans 7. Thank you. And for the rest of the men that were present who helped me understand more of God and His Majesty. 

His Forever Vessel,
Abigail J. L. G.

"Oh Mighty God!
Whose love forever flows,
Who paid a debt you did not owe,
My ransome you did pay,
With your blood on that dreadful day,
Your greatness exceeds my little understanding. 
I'm too small to know your reasonings. 
But your vast AMAZING creations,
Continue to amaze me, 
Every Single Day. 
Every second of this life, 
I now live for You. And You Alone."
~Written by: Abigail on January, 2, 2017

Things that have helped me: 
Reading through Romans 7 slowly. 
The Book of Revelations
Reading every thing I can of God in the Bible
Reading the bible