Wednesday, September 9, 2015

LIFE: Blessings amidst Chaos, Learning Thankfulness, Gratefulness, How to be Joyful and Trusting God.

Hey there! How have you all been? I hope you all have been doing well! 
Well, first off I would like to announce something very special: MY SISTER IS ENGAGED!!!!!! At the beginning of this year she was a single girl with no idea of what was in the near future. God had a very special plan for her, and continues to show all of us who are involved, how great and awesome HE is!!! She was a single girl at the beginning of this year and now she will be a wife by the end of this year!! I can't to see what all God has planned for them both. 
Life has been so busy around here, I hardly can believe it's already September!! That means it's closer to my favorite part of the year: Christmas!! I already started listening to Christmas music! Yea, I know it's too early but I love celebrating Jesus' birth!! But I can't get over how busy and how fast the months have gone by this year. So many things have changed and are going to change within our family. First one of my older sisters, moved to TN for a few months, which we had to get used to and then right after that, my other sister got engaged! And now we're packing for a two week trip! Whew!! Time has sped up on me, things have shifted and exciting things are being planned!! But I wouldn't change a single thing if I could. God is the best planner and knows what is best! HE IS AMAZING!!!! 
Your probably wondering why I have titled this the way I have. So I'll tell you. 
We're all human. We're not perfect and never will be......that is, if we try on our own. Nobody is perfect, not even one. No one can do good, no, not one. (Psalms 14:3) So, we will always have bad and rough days. Well, these past few days we've been having some. But amidst these hard and rough days, God still blesses us and sees fit to give us a little gift of His. Maybe it's to bring our thoughts out of our daily life and to remind us why we do what we do? Yes, I think that is the reason for His doing what He does. 
We came home from an out of town singing gig and found a watermelon on the porch. Us kids were wondering who would have given it to us but Mom knew. It was from an older man we know who has been a blessing to our family for over a year and who has blessed us with so many things. He is like an angel in disguise. 
Some things God has been teaching and showing me is these: Gratitude, Thankfulness, Joyfulness and Trusting Him. It's been a great experience to learn from the Maker of all earth and the King of Kings! Trusting Him has been a hard one for me along with being joyful, thankful, and keeping my eyes on Him-ONLY. There are days when anger takes a hold of me and I can't shake it off. It's the devil getting a foot in the door and penetrating into my feelings or telling me lies that every one is against me but I have to remind myself of the Lord's grace, love and mercy. I always have to ask Him to give me strength and to give me joy and also to see me through. But sometimes the devil has a deeper hold on me and I can't seem to find the joy I asked for. I am not saying God is not reliable or faithful to me, for HE is!!! But His love and joy gets sometimes, buried beneath the lies I mistakenly believed. It's a war. And a hard one to fight. Even with God on my side, it's VERY hard and sometimes hopeless but through it all I still know that in the end God will when and He will always win. I could NOT imagine life without Him! I was thinking of it the other night and I felt so sad and depression filled my soul. My life would be a wreck and wicked things I would do! If it hadn't been for God's great LOVE, grace, compassion and pity on us human beings that is where we would all be. That's where I would be. Words can not express my feelings, admiration, gratitude and thankfulness towards him. My LORD is awesome. He is so wonderful and kind. So loving and understanding. His grace exceeds any kind of grace we know of. His love excels all love. His judgments are righteous judgements and He is so just. I LOVE Him more than anything on earth. And I WILL as long as I live and after! Forever will I praise and serve Him! 
His forever servant,