Monday, December 5, 2016

Graduation Photos and Miss Sunshine

To all of you who might have not heard, I graduated! I know this post is about 2 months overdue but at least it's not 2 years overdue! :-D
 It's a wonderful feeling to know I don't have school to always bog me down. Don't get me wrong, I am all for schooling! Knowledge is a VERY awesome thing and an importance in life! So, no, I am not against schooling at all. It's just a nice feeling to know you're finished. Completely finished with school that has been your whole vocation up to this point in your life. 

I am not going to college as many graduates do, but rather pursue my life-long dream and passion; Photography. In the last month, I have had the time to think about photography, life, what I want to do with my life and just go over where I have been, where I am and where I want to be. So on the point of photography, I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to rent the camera I am really interested in, and get used to it first, and see if that particular camera is right for me. I really have my eye on the Canon 5D Mark lll. I am just sooooo excited that I will soon have that camera in my hands and using it! It's really a DREAM come true for me. It's a surreal feeling.

I also really enjoy playing in our band and I will never put down my fiddle as long as I live. I would love to have my future children learn music and keep the music in our family alive. 
Here are some shots that Olivia took for my graduation. She is my brother in-law's sister and such a sweetheart. I mentioned her in a post back in July, I think. You can view that here if you like. (Including a picture of her. You can also check out her website/blog, here as well.)

I was probably looking at James who drove us everywhere and has a talent of making funny faces. :)

I love the lighting in this one. The  colors are so beautifully captured.
Olivia is the kind of girl who just brightens your day just because you saw her that day. She's amazingly talented at both making people laugh and making them beautiful, just from her smile and spirit. She's a dear one. A little after I first "met" her on social media, I started calling her, Sunshine because of her big BRIGHT smile and of course her laughter. She's a beautiful sunshine maker, even if it's pouring rain outside!
I love the color green, so this one is one of many favorites. :)
I hope you all are having a wonderful December. I know I am! Oh, and this Saturday, I am going to do my Adult Drivers Ed class, which means I will have my permit soon and then my drivers license! Hope all of you are well and having a joyous time celebrating Jesus! God Bless you all and until next time,
His Forever Little Girl,
Abigail J.

Friday, October 7, 2016


Let me just start by telling you where his name came from. It came from Joshua in the bible. Joshua was a servant of God who carried out God's plans, such as the walls coming down from Jerico. But, that wasn't all he did. "Six nations and thirty-one kings were conquered by him ( Joshua 11:18-23 ; 12:24 )."(taken from: 6 nations and 31 Kings!? I don't know about you, but that's A LOT of kings! And think about their kingdoms and all the servants and such! Joshua was a great man and greatly used by God to further His kingdom.
"Jeshua (yeshua`, Nehemiah 8:17), signifies "Yahweh is deliverance" or "salvation," and is formed on the analogy of many Israelite names, as Jehoiakim (yehoyaqim), "Yahweh exalteth," Jehohanan (yehochanan), "Yahweh is gracious,"." (also taken from:

But let me tell you about the Joshua that I know and call my little brother. This Joshua is not as great and mighty but nonetheless he is still GREAT and MIGHTY. This Joshua is 15 today. He's fun to be around, always ready with a smile and a joke of some sort. He's handsome and he's talented. He's always happy and never sad. Serious just a tad bit, but never too long at a time. He's tall, dark and handsome just like his dad and brothers before him. Always ready to serve and loves his kitten. He dotes on his nieces like they were the only 3 girls in the world that mean something to him. (But I know that's not true because he loves his momma and sisters just as much.;-) )
He's strong and loves tinkering on his truck-a ranger that's twice, almost three times older than he is-and making it a heaving duty, black matte finish, flat bed. He's a character but one that is so fun to be around.

This is what you get when your camera goes haywire. I never knew we could make such faces like that!!
Joshua is Joshua and nothing else. Not Joshi or Joshi Paul-Paul. Nor is he Jeshua or "Joshi go get that". He used to tell every one when he was younger, "My name's not Joshi! It's Joshua." The little long-haired bleached blonde who ran around with his curly-headed brunette sister, he's the same who played dolls with her and went and played cars in the dirt together. We've both grown up but we still run around together and share our snacks as we travel the world together. The only difference now, we've both grown out of our bleach blonde and curly hair. Josh is a great guy.

3 faces: straight face, barely-happy face and happy face!

Josh and his guns.
His first squirrel I believe!

I love you Joshua. Happy 15th Birthday! It's a grand age to be, just don't hurry to 16.
Yours Truly, Abigail J. L.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

A Beautiful Gift From God.

Hey my friends!
Right now, I sit in my new room. I moved! Now, don't be thinkin' I moved out. If I did, that would be the worst decision I would ever make at my age....No. Since that is not so, let's not think upon it, yes? Yes. Well, I moved downstairs to our guest room, which now, is my bedroom. I've been here, for not even a month yet....that is, until the 16th of this month. :) We finished the building part of it on the 16th, but it took me until the 20th to figure out exactly how I wanted it. So my room wasn't 'officially' finished until the 20th. That day, I put up a canopy above my bed. I was so excited to get to sleep in my bed that night, in my perfect 'vintage' room. :) Well plans changed when my sisters water broke. She was going into labor! Excitedly, we packed up and started our usual 20 hour trip to Virginia. Mother and I had planed on going the following Sunday, (2 days away) but since she went into labor we naturally changed plans. :-) Now, we would be driving through the night, all the way through, so we brought my brother, James, along for protection. It was fun, to say the least. The next morning, we picked our other sister, Melody, up in Tn. From there we kept on our way and got to our destination that evening about 4:00pm. We actually got there in record time! 18 hours instead of 20! We were all glad to have finally gotten there, and Melody and I had a superb time as well as with James and Mama :)We stayed up that night, until 3 or 4am. We got to visit with a family who rents from the same couple that our brother in-law and sister rent from, as well. The family retired, and so we just sat around and waited for some word from the midwives and such.We were all so tired from the trip that day, so we were so so grumpy. We were not in good shapes, to say the least. That labor was probably the longest and hardest I have ever been at up until now.
On our way to Virginia!
Finally after 29 hours of intense labor, a long road trip, much prayer and sleepy eyes, my adorable, attentive little niece, Jael, was born on Sunday, the morning of the 24th of July, at 12:13 am, 2016. <3 She is the sweetest little doll ever and so so smart! I feel as though she's already 2 years old! :'-/  :-o
Well 2 days after she was born, Melody ad to be back at work Tn, so James went with her for protection. He's such a wonderful brother, who cares so much about his women folk. :)  My Mother and I were blessed to be able to stay with my sister, brother in-law and niece, for a whole week. It was very educational on my part and I learned a lot. I feel extremely blessed for that opportunity of learning. I enjoyed holding my dear little niece and taking care of her and her mother too. I miss her so much but shall see her soon! :) And besides, she has 6 aunts and 3 uncles to take care of her and dote over her! :) I can be sure she is getting a good amount of cuddly love and attention from her aunts and uncles. :)
 The following weekend, my Dad, and brothers, John and Josh picked up Melody and James (unknown to me) and came up to Virginia. (I knew that Dad, John, James and Josh were coming but not Melody.) We had a very happy reunion-almost. We just missed two older kids.
While we were up there, we were able to fit in my senior photo shoot with my brother in-law's sister, Olivia. She is fantastic with a camera and she's the cutest and sweetest little thing with a heart of gold. <3 We had a wonderful time visiting with all the rest of her family and we ended up having a blast!
I plan on graduating in a few short months, so here's a few shots from the shoot.
And here's her adorable face!
Sneek peek of the photo shoot. Isn't She AMAZING?!

Olivia doing her thing. :)                                                                               
Mommy and I, in the hills of beautiful Virginia.
Mama and baby, safe and sound!

It was wonderful trip and I hope this isn't the last. I am incredibly blessed and for what? Because of God's grace. May God forever bless this little family. God be praised for ever and ever. 
His Little Girl,
Abigail Jane

P.S. I will write again soon as this post cannot fit all of what I want to share. Look out for another post containing more pictures! I'll leave you with a little snippet of one of my future post,
Sneek peek of my near future post! 

Saturday, July 2, 2016

What is my Purpose here? Why am I here?

Hello, all!
I hope this fine summer day finds you all very well!
So, what have ya'll been up to? I have been busy mostly with school, chores, gigs, photography, piano playing, editing photos, downloading pictures (which is a headache in itself!), learning new things, sewing, cuddling adorable kittens, teaching fiddle, going on trips and trying to stay out of this Texas heat! :)

I will try and squeeze as many pictures into this post as possible because I know I haven't been posting regularly and I don't put up many pictures whenever I do post..... So, here's to a new beginning and a whole lot more posting in the future!
Okay. So the beginning if June, I had the great pleasure of flying for the very first time and also, to see and stay with my dear sister, Melody who lives in Tennessee!
I stayed up there for about 10 days and I learned a whole load of things. I'm still learning and I know I will always learn new things from God every single day of my life.
I was mainly babysitting the whole time I was up there and it was the first time I had to babysit alone. God knew what was best and so He led me there, through much prayer and patience and wisdom from above. The whole situation was new for me and very strange. I felt nervous, yet at the same time I felt excitement. I waited for a few days to hear from my parents, whether I was to go, or stay. Either way, it was up to God, but He was good enough to let me go and learn the lesson He had prepared and ready, waiting for me. I learned what being a Mom is like and I learned about the responsibilities that come with adulthood and motherhood. God showed me to be grateful right now because I don't have children to worry about and to care for. He taught me GRATITUDE, He taught me THANKFULNESS, He taught me JOYFULNESS, He taught me PATIENCE, and He taught me that there is MORE to LIFE than just the day to day grind. The things I do every single day. It made me think, "What am I doing this for? Is there something more to life than just this, or is this it??" I've found my answer, through Jesus and the mission He has given to all His saints and children. The answer is NO. No. This, day to day, life that I live, it is not what all God planned for me. It is not what He wants me to do. He wants me to reach the world with the Gospel! He wants me to gather as many souls as I can so that they may not end up, in the dreadful place called hell. this is all what I have learned.
 I have learned to GIVE my UTMOST to HIM.
Irises form earlier this year.

Don't you love that sunlight??

Summer sunshine on my fiddle.

My newest sewing project: A little girl's dress.

Getting ready to welcome our little niece or nephew into the world!! :-D

This baby kitten is so cute and he purrs every time I pick him up!

Lately, I've been making homemade whipped cream, A LOT. Yummy!

A friend's baby and I, at an event we went to.

Two of my three sisters came down for a family friend's wedding. Here we are goofing off in the photo booth. :)

A cute kid from a big event that we all went to. Isn't he adorable??

Leaving Dallas for Nashville.

Finally, Melody and I after a dance we went to. We learned some cool dances!

John, Me and Melody at another dance. :) We had so much fun!

Well, I hope you all enjoyed the little glimpse into my life. I pray God uses it to better glorify Him and gather many to His throne.
God bless each and every one of you,
His Girl, 
Abigail J. L.
"Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things." 
~Philippians 4:8 
"Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection." 
~1 Timothy 2:11
"It is good for me that I have been afflicted; that I may learn thy statutes." 
~Psalms 119:71 

~~~~~~~~And so with that, I leave you all.~~~~~~~~
~His Girl.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Ain't my God, an AMAZING GOD!

Well hello there!
How are y'all? I've been doing great. I know it's been a while since I last posted and I'm sorry for that. But life gets the better of me, which I am so thankful for, because if it didn't than I would be blogging ALL the time and would not enjoy this beautiful life which God has given me. I am here now, so here's the long awaited blog post that I know a few, if not all of you have been waiting for, for awhile. :)
Happy Jesus is Risen day! I hope you all had a wonderful, bright, happy, fun-filled day and Jesus was glorified! I am happy to say that we did! We went to the San Antonio area and sang at a church there. We've been there several times, even before Melody and Faith moved out and away and got married!  The pastor and his wife have become our adopted 'Uncle' and  'Aunt' and we always have so much fun every time we go down there. :) Well, after a very convicting and though-provoking sermon by the guest preacher, we all went to lunch at "Denny's". Our waiter was THE best waiter in the history of waiting! He was just the best. Well, I was drinking a coke. And we were all, still in our Easter outfits. Our waiter was about to set my milk shake down, while I was trying to get out of the way for him. I slid my arm over my coke which had a straw in it, and dump! I now sat with a lap full of Dr. Pepper which was once in my cup, but was now on my Easter outfit! It just makes me smile and laugh at myself just thinking about it! Ha ha. (wait a minute while I snigger at myself and turn red) Okay. So, our waiter went to get towels and such to clean it up, while I tried to clean up myself. Thankfully, the dress I was wearing, was made of materiel that did not soak up liquid but slide off of it. When he came back with a mop, I began to tell him about our 'annual spills' at each meal. Ever since I can remember, in our family at every meal, we had our annual spill. Daddy has always hated them and got upset whenever it happened. It's been a very long time since one has happened and so, well, yesterday was the day. :) God just has a sense of humor. I love it. After my story, he told us a story about when he was working for a movie theater and accidentally dumped a huge huge cup of coke on a girl who was all dressed up on a date with her guy. He said she was soaked from the head down. After laughing over how stupid we are, this opened up for us to give our card to him.  He said he was also a musician and he did christian rap. We finally coaxed him to do some for us. I can't tell you how awesome it was! Each sentence rhymed, attached with so much meaning.  With each word that fell from his mouth, went conviction and thoughts, to go straight to the hearers heart. Some, lasting longer than others, some just  a sort few seconds but with equal meaning. It was such a privilege to witness the work of God in a fellow believer and brother in Christ! He was a disciple of Christ just like us! With the same struggles and temptations. He told us about the verse which talks about the righteous crossing paths and encouraging one another. He said that he knew that this was one of those times. We also agreed with him. It was so true. He was such an encouragement and blessing to us all and especially to me. I have to say I was greatly humbled. To imagine that God had it all planned out centuries ago, is just so crazy! I must sign off now, His Forever Girl, Abigail J.
L to R: John, Me, Josh, our waiter (can't remember his name.), James, Mom and Dad.

Before it all happened. Josh and I. :)

Friday, January 8, 2016

Pears + Spices = Loveliness

I'm so sorry for my delay in writing to you all.
I've been soo busy I just haven't found the time to write. Oh well, but anyway, here I am and writing.

So, I made Pear Butter! I looked up recipes online and debated over wether I should follow one or just make up my own so I went with making up my own. :) I mean, come on! It's WAY more fun if you make your own and it really feels like you accomplished something. (I know I felt that way. ;))
I made a video of it and I'm pretty pleased about how it turned out! Photography and videography go hand in hand! Those are my life-long dreams. Well, enough about my dreams and such, lets get back to what I was talking about in the first place. :/ (sorry 'bout that!)
Here's the recipe I made up:

About 10 to 15 pears cooked in crock pot
1 1/2 tsp. Cloves
3 tsp. Homemade Vanilla
2 Tbsp. Brown Sugar
2 tsp. Ginger
2 tsp. Cinnamon

Add each spice and then stir. Add all the rest, repeating this process. After adding all ingredients, taste. You always have to taste your food! Put into glass jars or any container accessible. Put in fridge to cool. After 20 minutes or so, serve and enjoy!
Here's the video that I made: Please enjoy it!

His forever learning girl,
Abigail J. L.