Friday, October 7, 2016


Let me just start by telling you where his name came from. It came from Joshua in the bible. Joshua was a servant of God who carried out God's plans, such as the walls coming down from Jerico. But, that wasn't all he did. "Six nations and thirty-one kings were conquered by him ( Joshua 11:18-23 ; 12:24 )."(taken from: 6 nations and 31 Kings!? I don't know about you, but that's A LOT of kings! And think about their kingdoms and all the servants and such! Joshua was a great man and greatly used by God to further His kingdom.
"Jeshua (yeshua`, Nehemiah 8:17), signifies "Yahweh is deliverance" or "salvation," and is formed on the analogy of many Israelite names, as Jehoiakim (yehoyaqim), "Yahweh exalteth," Jehohanan (yehochanan), "Yahweh is gracious,"." (also taken from:

But let me tell you about the Joshua that I know and call my little brother. This Joshua is not as great and mighty but nonetheless he is still GREAT and MIGHTY. This Joshua is 15 today. He's fun to be around, always ready with a smile and a joke of some sort. He's handsome and he's talented. He's always happy and never sad. Serious just a tad bit, but never too long at a time. He's tall, dark and handsome just like his dad and brothers before him. Always ready to serve and loves his kitten. He dotes on his nieces like they were the only 3 girls in the world that mean something to him. (But I know that's not true because he loves his momma and sisters just as much.;-) )
He's strong and loves tinkering on his truck-a ranger that's twice, almost three times older than he is-and making it a heaving duty, black matte finish, flat bed. He's a character but one that is so fun to be around.

This is what you get when your camera goes haywire. I never knew we could make such faces like that!!
Joshua is Joshua and nothing else. Not Joshi or Joshi Paul-Paul. Nor is he Jeshua or "Joshi go get that". He used to tell every one when he was younger, "My name's not Joshi! It's Joshua." The little long-haired bleached blonde who ran around with his curly-headed brunette sister, he's the same who played dolls with her and went and played cars in the dirt together. We've both grown up but we still run around together and share our snacks as we travel the world together. The only difference now, we've both grown out of our bleach blonde and curly hair. Josh is a great guy.

3 faces: straight face, barely-happy face and happy face!

Josh and his guns.
His first squirrel I believe!

I love you Joshua. Happy 15th Birthday! It's a grand age to be, just don't hurry to 16.
Yours Truly, Abigail J. L.